{ The WALL & not the fun, trippy Pink Floyd one }

December 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

in researching and talking to other women who have had this procedure something happens in week three that no damn doctor warns you about. i mean he had no problem explaining vaginal dryness to me in front of my boyfriend but leaves this out, thanks buddy. so what is this mysterious symptom that no one tells you it’s called “The Wall”. you slowly recover and start feeling better each day and then at the beginning of the three weeks you start feeling really better, i mean better than you have felt in a while. you have energy, you want to go out , you have your appetite back, you think “Holy hell, maybe this thing worked” then after enjoying two days of this you hit “The Wall.” You wake up and you can hardly move each muscle feels like it is weighted down, you feel nauseous and dizzy. You have hit the Wall my friend you might as well get your heating pad (thats right the one you put away, bring it out) and a cup of tea because you are not going anywhere for at least two days. and the worst part of the Wall is hearing the following phrase “oh thats too bad you were feeling so much better” yes thanks for pointing that out i hope your recovery is just like mine when i kick you in the knee caps. so once i heal and feel myself again i’m going to find my doctor and say “thanks for the heads up” & then trip him and maybe not warn him that he’s about to hit “The Wall”, oops!


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