{ FU, FE }

December 8, 2010 § 4 Comments


One of the main problems I experienced before my surgery was severe anemia so once I was a few weeks in my doctor wanted to put me on a month regiment of iron supplements. Then they tell you about all these great products that don’t upset your stomach and will boost your energy. You know what I learned they are filthy liars. I have learned that my body can not tolerate iron. That on top of recovery, on top of menopause I really think my body has waged war against me, i mean it is really pissed. I have never felt more weak, clammy and overall disgusting in my life. I have had severe abominable cramping for the past three days what kind of sick human allows this to be sold. Well you win iron here i am waving my white flag I surrender, I will not be taking you anymore I don’t care if I have to eat all of Popeye’s spinach, because fatigue beats the hell out of being a subhuman bathroom dweller. So you can go bother someone else someone who apparently has a stomach made of iron so for once and all I am saying “FU,FE!”.


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