{ 30 random things about surgical menopause }

December 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have been reading a lot of blog posts that read 30 random things about me so I thought I would keep this theme but instead do 30 random things about surgical menopause:

  1. Hot flash is not a flash they last at least 15 minutes at a time (if your lucky)
  2. You will forget everything! Seriously it takes me 5 hours to write these posts because I forget what the hell I wanted to say
  3. Your sweat will smell different. Why?
  4. You will experience what I like to call word vomit, where you start talking and then forget the name of people, places and things or you will refer to items by the wrong name. My newest example ” I would like an large iced Morocco”
  5. There will be days when you won’t want to eat a thing, literally all food will make you sick.
  6. Be prepared to be tired as hell but can’t sleep through a night.
  7. You expect to just start crying but you will also just start laughing as well.
  8. You may be hornier than ever (but there is no guarantee that you haven’t scared your boyfriend into thinking this is a trap)
  9. Random heart flutter/palpations-DO NOT go on WebMD and look up heart attack
  10. You will get warmer as the day goes on, around 9:00 at night you will be a puddle
  11. It’s not fatigue it’s sudden death. You will feel a little tired & then just crash. I feel asleep while putting on my shoes(they were cute too)
  12. You will get easily distracted “oh something shiny”
  13. Increase in headaches (usually while your adjusting to the hormones)
  14. Your boobs will hurt (your man will think it’s cute when he offers to massage them, dude it’s not)
  15. You will weirdly crave large amounts of sweets, i’m not talking about wanting a brownie. I had one day where I ate a cinnamon roll for breakfast, a coffee cake with a mocha for lunch and a brownie (ok a pan of brownies for dinner)
  16. Sorry but you will be a gassy mess (buy the big box of Gas-X, no you know what make your man buy you it)
  17. You will want to punch all men in the face
  18. You will want to punch all women not dealing with this in the face
  19. You will be overly sensitive to loud noises (no it’s not just me getting older)
  20. There will be days where you feel like a zombie, literally you will feel dread & just want to hide (the upside you won’t want to eat brains)
  21. Increase your moisturizer because you will have an increase in dry skin
  22. You will still have cramps
  23. Sensitivity to light
  24. Lots of dizzy spells (just picture the feeling of getting drunk but a lot less fun)
  25. You will still go “crap could i be pregnant” at least once
  26. Night sweats: you will wake up in the middle of the night thinking the damn house is on fire, nope it’s you
  27. You will have the balance of a drunk monkey. You will fall over putting on your shoes and don’t even attempt getting something on the top shelf
  28. You will pee more but thats just because you will never be so thirsty in your life
  29. You will have moments of euphoria
  30. It won’t be like this forever (at least thats what they tell me



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