{ stupid question saturday }

December 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

so you know how they say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, well their wrong and because of my hysterectomy I have gotten to hear some amazing ones. i thought it would be fun to dedicate each saturday to highlighting one of these amazing and jaw dropping nuggets of stupidity. you may be saying to yourself there is no way someone actually asked you that and i am here to assure you that these are all 100% true. so sit back and enjoy the fact that you did not have to give a response to these questions.

“Hey michelle how are you feeling” ok just really tired “well look at the positives no more periods, never have to worry about getting pregnant and you never have to go to the gynecologist again” yeah i’m really looking forward… um what was that last one “oh i envy that you never have to go to the gynecologist again” no i still have to go to the gyno “why it’s not like you have a vagina anymore” um… i still have a vagina “really, that doesn’t sound right, are you sure?” am i sure i still have a vagina, yeah pretty sure


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