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December 20, 2010 § 1 Comment


One of the biggest challenges when dealing with surgical menopause is getting the right balance of hormones. Usually before you have surgery your “normal” hormone levels will be assessed and then that will be your base so they know what dose of estrogen will be given. However if you are anything like me (heaven help you)  but your hormones are so screwed up so there was no normal base in which to start. The amount of estrogen that the doctor started with is as he put it is just a shot in the dark and then you will get adjustments as needed. Basically the estrogen has been working but there were some side effects that really were too

intense to deal with (but with menopause who the hell can tell where the hell these symptoms are coming from). So I call my doctor and tell him that the estrogen he has me on is giving me severe headaches and intense dizzy spells “oh that’s not that unusual i will prescribe you something different that should eliminate the problem” Great, I say no more feeling like I have a hangover from hell (without the fun of actually getting to drink). I go to the pharmacy to pick up my new estrogen and upon inspection I almost assault the poor bell ringing Santa Clause with my pill bottle. Why? Because in huge letters with a bright yellow background are the following words: “MAY CAUSE HEADACHES AND/OR DIZZINESS” Are you friggin kidding me, what the hell good does that do me?


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  • kiki wife of Mr kelly dingle says:

    Wow when as women are we going to be regarded with the same respect they give men! If youre willing to pay for vigara and give all kinds of help toward them shouldnt you help us to! Im tired of being regarded as that crazy bitch.

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