{ the birds and the butterflies }

December 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Can someone explain to me why everything that concerns menopause or a hysterectomy has damn butterflies on it? When I got a packet from my doctor about what to expect about surgical menopause there are two butterflies on the cover and continue to make an appearance on every page. I went to Whole Foods to buy some vitamins that are supposed to help relieve the symptoms of menopause  and what do I see but two little butterfly eyes looking at me. One of the options for my heating pad had a butterfly pattern on it, not to mention they have a mask that is supposed to help with headaches, even more damn butterflies. So do butterflies have really bad menopause that no one knows about? But I fear it supposed to represent the change of life, us morphing into something completely different. Well guess what I don’t want that on my bed sheets! The only thing I wish I had in common with butterflies is their wings so I could fly away when I’m in one of my moods.

The other thing I notice is everything is purple. Is purple the official color of menopause and no one told me?  The pamphlets are purple, the hospital gown was purple, hell even my estrogen pills are purple. Menopause should really hire a new PR person something to liven it up a bit. I mean would it kill you to have some green in there somewhere, a picture of an adorable penguin somewhere? If you really need a color try red, the color of anger, the color of heat,(also the color of pasta sauce & strawberry ice cream, YUM) PERFECT! But until they hire me to revamp their image, I guess I will just lay my head on my medical pillow complete with a swarm (yes a swarm) of purple butterflies (don’t judge me, that’s all they had!)


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