{ stupid question Saturday }

January 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

I am still tweaking my hormone medication so I get to talk to my doctor’s office about once a week. On my last phone call I got to answer the following question: “So I think we have figured out what was wrong with the medication we have been giving you and you have two options.” ok, great. what are the options “Well you can go with medication #1 or medication #2” what’s the difference between the two “they are exactly the same medication just one might cause you to grow a beard and the other doesn’t”

Fast Forward to me filling out my prescription at the pharmacy.”Are you sure this is the one that won’t give me a beard?” I have never doubled checked that it was the right medication more in my entire life. So now I know how the bearded lady came about she just made the wrong choice when dealing with menopause.


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