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January 5, 2011 § 4 Comments

I’m so excited I get to answer my first “ask me monday” question, so excited that i don’t care  it’s Wednesday!  Post-surgery what things did you wish you had done before surgery to get ready? What did you lay in bed thinking “I really wish I had this/had asked this/had planned for this…etc…”

My best piece of advice is that you will not be as bored as you would think. I literally bought $100 worth of books, magazines and movie rentals before hand because I thought I would be bored out of mind. Out of that huge stack I read half a book, gave up on a crossword and fell asleep during “Dear John”. You are going to be tired, really tired and as much as people are probably telling you “think of all the stuff you can get done” don’t listen! you don’t have to get anything done but rest.  The other thing that would have been helpful is that family was bringing over hot meals and grocery shopping for me the first few weeks which would have been great but I had no appetite whatsoever, so I would tell them to please wait until you are hungry and then start bringing the pans of lasagna. 

The MOST important thing you can buy before surgery and you will laugh at this but it will make you feel 100% better: Gax-X, the holy grail of recovery (especially if you had a Laparoscopy. I’m not exaggerating the pain of the surgery wasn’t half as bad as the gas that they put in your body and yes I know the irony of being basically a gas-bag)Some other suggestions: buy a heating pad: reduces swelling, a full body pillow: helps elevate your legs & makes it easier to sleep, graham crackers: you probably won’t feel like eating but these are great on your stomach (and if you get Teddy Graham’s their fun as well)and finally, Baby or Feminie Wipes: I don’t mean to be groos but we’re frineds here but it will hurt when you pee, sometimes it will burn & sting so a nice soothing wipe is heavenly.

Hope this helps and I can’t wait to hear more questions, keep ’em coming.


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  • Regina Phalange says:

    Yay! Thanks for answering my question! I feel so cool, like when they would play your request on the radio.

    I made sure to get GasX- but I’m living in England right now, so after thinking a minute the pharmacist went- “Oh! You mean, for wind!” and showed me to the box of Wind Settlers. I also got a hot water bottle, and have the other things, too.

    I’ll stock up on Digestive Biscuits (that’s their graham crackers, I know, weird name) and quit planning the millions of craft projects I just know I’m going to complete from a reclined position while half awake. 😉 I’ve got a bunch of American TV to catch up on & my husband figured out how to make hulu work from here, so sounds like I’m set! Still freaked out, but not panicked. ; )

    Thanks! I’ll keep following your blog, too!

  • littletoad1 says:

    No problem! I would love to hear from you and see how your feeling after the surgery. The only thing I would say is really get a heating pad along with a hot water bottle so you can have constant heat.
    Thanks for following the blog

  • kiki wife of Mr kelly dingle says:

    I got the body pillow which is a complete blessing, and youre right I’m sooo tired that I havent even watched a movie took a shower and that was all folks for yesterday. Io have no appetite whatsoever but tomorrow teddy grahams for me! My husband has been awesome and so has the kids and my mom in law. Im just soo tired this is the first time on the computer and I think Im going to get another nap. Surgery went great by the way thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  • littletoad1 says:

    Get lots of rest and the most important thing take it slow. Don’t rush your recovery.

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