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January 8, 2011 § 1 Comment


I have never really minded needles but ever since my last two surgeries they just put me into panic mode. It’s not so much the needle that bothers me as the people’s aim with the needle that gets me.The minute they start to unwrap the IV pack I turn white and look like I’m going to pass out (but the upside to that is that they will make sure they get the best nurse & they sure as hell won’t miss the damn vein because they don’t want you to faint) So as the nurse was prepping my IV I was happy to hear her say “Oh do you have a problem with needles, we have something that will help you relax, it really helps people with a fear of needles” “What are you waiting for?” she turns to her cart and I hear the rustling of plastic and my soon to be road to relaxation, I have finally outsmarted you needle. She turns around and is holding the biggest needle I have ever seen it literally looks like a needle on The Twilight Zone. “Ok, are you ready” “Ready for what? What the hell is up with the friggin needle” “You said you wanted something to relax” “So your solution to people being scared of needles is injecting them with a much larger needle, what kind of sense is that” “I don’t follow” *insert sigh*


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  • kiki wife of Mr kelly dingle says:

    lol Im afraid of needles and Im also a hard stick have tiny rolling veins, so when they come at me I freak they poked me twice and it felt like they were digging for gold I got so upset I told her to leave me the hell alone, when the anethsiologist(sorry cant spell right now) came in he gave me a shot to numb my hand and then it went right in. I really hope this is the last surgery for a while.

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