{ all hot & bothered }

January 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

The common misconception about a hot flash is that it’s juts a feeling of being warm or hot. But it’s not like a hot’s summer day where you jump into your air conditioned car and enjoy some lemonade and then you’re all better, but no, hot flashes are a special kind of heat (probably because their orgins are from hell) It feels like an instant fever that takes over your body and it actaully eminates from the inside out. Why do I bring this up? Because i am tired of people thinking that a cool wash cloth or turning down the heat will work, that would be like fighting a forest fire with a bottle of Aquafina. The other problem with hot flashes is there sneaky bastards they never are really brought on by anything and you can nevr really predict when they are coming. The one thing I do notice is if I walk into somewhere that is already hot my body tries to one up it and instant hot flash. So while everyone else gets to enjoy their winter wardrobe I look at my sweaters as possible hot flash greanaids just waiting to be detionated.

For my boyfriends family that reads this blog I’m so sorry for the mental image I’m about to give. I will not be hurt if you skip this I don’t want any awkward holidays. If you do proceed  just remember you have been warned.

So whens the worst time to be hot and bothered, well when you are trying to get all hot & bothered. That’s right you heard me and I can’t be the only one who has had this problem. So you are feeling romantic and not like a bloated swamp monster (which believe me you want to take advantage of, it doesn’t happen very often ) but all of a sudden in the middle of getting hot, well you are getting hot. I mean really HOT (and not in the fun way) Well what the hell do you do it’s not like you can stop so you continue to ride the heat wave. The goal stops being getting to the Big O but a glass of H2O.

The worst part is when you are done and you are lying in bed barely able to breathe and fanning yourself with a pillow, your man will be looking at you smiling like an idiot thinking he just discovered the Holy Grail  (probably will do that same thing for the rest of your lives)  Eventually he will say “Hey are you alright” “I’m just still hot” and him being the dim bulb that he is he will say ” Me too, baby” and will feel very proud of himself for the rest of the night (who I am kidding the rest of the month)

So next time be prepared for being more bothered and hot than the other way around.


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    Thank you so much for your great compliment. Hope you will continue to read.

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