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January 29, 2011 § 2 Comments


So I thought for this particular question I would include one I had read & one that had not been posed to me. Why? Because it’s just too funny not to share. I was reading one of my hysterectomy handouts and there is a huge section of answers to frequently asked questions. This sounds very helpful but for some weird reason the actual questions weren’t posted just the answers, so it’s like a fun game of Jeopardy to figure out what these women asked.

I shall let you all join in on the fun and try and guess the question that promoted the following answer (and remember this was under frequently asked questions so just think about how many time this got asked before they decided to include it on the brochure & a fun side note yes there was a damn purple butterfly on the cover). THE ANSWER: Many women have asked me about this when dealing with an upcoming hysterectomy but I want to put your mind at ease just like I do with my patients. It is impossible for your vagina to fall out of your body after the surgery. Many women worry that when they sneeze right after the surgery that their vagina may become separated from their body, but let me assure you that’s not the case. I will give you all some time for that to sink in, maybe reread it just to make sure you read it correctly like I had to do.

You know I worried about a variety of things before the surgery but never that I would be walking, sneeze and Whoops there’s goes my vagina.


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