{ tea for one }

February 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

After researching the after effects of a hysterectomy and surgical menopause one of the fun things they never tell you is that your immunity is basically non existent so for the next 6 months you are basically one giant germ sponge. Not only are you basically a serving buffet for all the germs in the universe but the average cold will double in duration, so I am writing this still as a giant snot monster.

The other issue is medication, normally with a cold you snort some Afrin, take some Sudafed and you are out like a light & feeling better in no time. Unfortunately I have learned the hormones I am on mixed with my other medication makes talking cold medicine highly risky(however if this cold gets any nastier I might take the chance of sprouting a tail or whatever else might happen).

My alternative is natural cold remedies which is code for tea, a shit load of tea, but not the good tea the “herbal tea”. The kind I bought had a grinning Indian Man on it so it must be good. I get it home and it literally smells like a bag of lawn clippings and I must say it doesn’t taste that much different. The visual I get is that the Indian man went outside decided that his lawn was unruly and started weeding. When he was finished he decided “Hey I can put all this shit in a tea”  Don’t believe me I swear I just got a piece of twig in my last sip.

But I sit hear none the less drinking my lawn tea, watching a Lifetime movie(don’t judge me) and waiting for my boyfriend to bring me back lunch. Come to think of it he’s been gone for a long time, Oh crap maybe he finally escaped. Naaah, if he stuck around after the hysterectomy nothing should scare him off, right?


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