{ is it hot in here or is it just me }

February 18, 2011 § Leave a comment


Apparently I’m not crazy after all (well at least as crazy as I thought I was).

This teaching term I have been assigned to just one room so I pretty much stay in there my entire day and in the last few weeks I have been hot as hell. I mean hot to the point of being beat red and sweating, I even had to start putting wet paper towels under my armpits to stop scaring my students (they are adults so at least I don’t have to worry about scaring them as they get older, the damage has already been done)  It is the middle of winter but I have completely raided my summer clothes just so my work day can be tolerable. While the other teachers are layered in sweaters, coats and scarves, I’m punching in wearing short sleeves and my sandals.

I pretty much accepted the fact that my life was now one big hot flash and that I would never know what a cool breeze feels like again(and that my co-workers thought I had completely lost my mind or lost all my winter clothing in a fire). But today I go to work like normal and take my seat ready to sweat for my 8 hour shift and my boss walks in and literally almost falls over “Oh my god it’s roasting in here. Holy shit it is literally hot as hell in here.” You mean you can feel that too? “Of course I can feel it, it’s like a hundred degrees in here. How long has it been like this?” Three or Four weeks. “Why the heck didn’t you tell anybody? It’s unbearable in here!!”

Lesson learned: Sometimes you are a menopausal 29 year old with a hot flash and sometimes the damn heater is broken and permanently set to 85 degree’s.


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