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February 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Once you make the decision to have a hysterectomy they give you an “out clause” literally at every turn. Every time you say the word hysterectomy it’s followed up by the following question “Are you sure, because you can still change your mind?” After the 30th time you just get used to saying “Yes I’m sure, Yes I know what it means.” At one point I contemplated getting a T-shirt made that said “Yes I’m sure, Now put me under”

Throughout being asked this question over & over again one nurse asked me it in a way that quite frankly pissed me off and even now when I think about it I still get a little peeved: “I see here that you are scheduled for a hysterectomy in three weeks and this is your final checkup before the surgery.” Yep, that’s right. “That’s a pretty serious operation you know after that there’s no going back, once it’s done it’s done” Yes, I’m aware of that “Are you aware this means you can never have children?” Yes I am aware of that as well. “And you are very young. It’s a huge decision are you sure you have thought about it fully?” I have thank you. “Do you have a husband/boyfriend?” I don’t really see what that has to do with this…. “Well what does he think? Maybe you check with him and make sure it’s ok with him before you make this LIFELONG decision”

I was speechless, apparently I had just traveled through a wormhole back to the 50’s where I had to run my decisions by the man of the house( if you knew my boyfriend he is barely man of his chair). “You just never now how he’ll react, you should consider that in your decision as well” I’m pretty sure this bitch just told me there’s a chance that my boyfriend will break up with me if I have this surgery, well jokes on her post surgery there’s a better chance of me killing him then him leaving voluntarily.


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  • While I have not been in the situation where I needed a hysterectomy I have been in the situation where doctors/nurses doubt my resolve to NOT have children.

    It irked me, when asking my Gyno about the IUD mirena that she said that because I had not had children I needed to see the doctor who would do the procedure to basically have him decide if I was psychologically ready to NOT have children. I looked at her and said that I was 29 (at the time), in a steady relationship, but was neither financially or emotionally mature to have a child and thought that in making that decision make me psychologically ready for that decision. She looked at me and said “well, if you’re sure we can get you a meeting but you know this means that it would be in for FIVE years, you would be THIRTY FIVE”. Yeah yeah, I get it, if I could do longer then I would. It always makes me twitch when doctors/society just assume that women who don’t want to have children have something wrong with them.

    It is interesting to me that making the best decision for yourself and your body can cause so many questions, but if I was to push out several kids that no one would think a thing.

  • littletoad1 says:

    I honestly feel the same way I was so surprised by how many hoops I had to jump through to get this surgery and when I asked “isn’t my health more important than a fictional baby” they looked at me like i had a third eye. I wish it was different but it is once to know I’m not the only one going through this
    Thanks for sharing

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