{ crash into me: part 2 }

March 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I enter the ER and I am hit with the familar smell, not of sick people but of waiting. I sign in at the front desk and am taken back to my room which will now be my holding cell for the next 5 hours. My nurse comes in and says “Look’s like you got into a little accident” Oh good she’s going to talk to me like I’m an idiot, ok fine I will speak her language, Yes my car went BOOM. “Is that what brings you in here today?” What? No I was just stopping into say Hi! and thought while I was here I should get checked out. I explain that I recently had a hysterectomy and that was my number one concern along with stomach pain and dizziness. “Ok the doctor will probably want to do a CAT scan, any chance you could be pregnant?” Seriously?

I meet with my doctors and get to have a complete head to toe CAT scan, to which I get to answer the “are you pregnant question?” about 10 more times. My favorite though is while I’m strapped into the machine: “Any chance you could be pregnant, because we are going to hit you a huge amount of radiation?” No I had a hysterectomy. “What does that have to do with it?”

As they inject me with this great liquid that makes your body feel instanly warm (but who can tell when you are used to hotflashes) and makes you feel like you are peeing (seriously how is this a side effect?) I’m thinking about the “huge amount” of radiation that they are hitting me with. I sure as hell hope there isn’t a fly in the machine or a spider that I can become infused with, thats the last thing I need.


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