{ 5 reasons I’d rather have a hysterectomy than deal with an auto body shop }

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

As you might have read in my previous posts I got into a car accident (and even with all my hormones running it wasn’t me who hit the guy) & my car has been in the shop for over a week so far. After this experience I realize getting hit was the highlight of the whole ordeal. If I had a choice between going through my hysterectomy again or dealing with the body shop that has my car, I wouldn’t even hesitate to be rolled back into surgery. Why you might ask? Well here is a list of why surgery is less painful than dealing with your insurance “preferred” body shop:

  1. At least when you have surgery they wheel you everywhere and you don’t have to walk anywhere not the case at my body shop. I thought I was so lucky that I got a front row parking spot right in front of the entrance, turns out there’s a good reason that spot was open. The “front” door is a frickin mirage. I walk in and see a mad looking woman behind bullet proof glass who looks like Ross from Monsters Inc. She doesn’t even wait for me to ask her where to go she just moans and points to another door which leads to yet another door which leads me through a labyrinth (no David Bowie or Muppets though) finally 18 doors and 3 miles later I find my car and some jerky little man who asks “Where the hell did you park? You know we have a special entrance for pickups.”
  2. Hospitals may be in a bad part of town but at least they have security guards. When my insurance company gave me the name of a “preferred” auto body shop I said sure what’s the difference. The difference my friends is the possibility of getting shot & robbed on the way there. You want to know how bad it was, Enterprise  the car company that built there whole reputation on the slogan “we’ll pick you up” says “No we don’t go there”
  3. They had all the necessary parts on site at the hospital. I don’t recall the doctors waking me up during and saying “Well were sorry to tell you we don’t have that scalpel in stock right now so we have to order that part from Japan.”
  4. I only had what I originally went in for. When I woke up from surgery I was pretty doped up but I dodn’t recall this conversation “So we talked about a hysterectomy but when we took a closer look we also found out your kidneys could really use a new coat of paint and you spleen well lets just say it’s rusting out they would have gone eventually. Plus we took a look at your heart and added a pacemaker just in case I figure we just added 5 years of life and up’d the resale value.”
  5. And perhaps the most important difference: Drugs, thats right drugs. Both are painful experiences but at least at the hospital they knock you out before putting you through hell and give you pain meds to deal with the lasting effects unlike the auto body shop that makes you go cold turkey.

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