{ do you have to go to art school for that? }

March 16, 2011 § 6 Comments

I have been going to the same gynecologist for over 10 years so I never really noticed the following phenomenon until I had to see every gynecologist & NP in the northern hemisphere. Every gynecologist examining rooms have the exact same paintings. It’s downright weird & kind of unsettling.

 The normal posters are always present the drawing of your anatomy blown up to the size of the entire wall, a cautionary poster against something (breast cancer, teenage pregnancy, flesh eating zombies, etc..), a Ziggy comic that is supposed to have something to do with health, the poster with a cat hanging on a limb that reads “Hang in There” and then my new recent discovery the out of place gold framed painting. Why? Is this supposed to trick us into thinking we are at home, well I hate to break it to them but the huge metal instruments kind of give it away (plus I don’t remember the last time my house had stirrups on my lazy boy).

 These painting have one of the three subjects:  A Flower (usually a sunflower but sometimes they change it up), windmills or Victorian people on a picnic. What a windmill has to do with my vagina I will never know & the thought of Victorian people on a picnic never really calmed me down it just makes me feel like they are looking in on my examination.  

 I would love to read the Ebay description of the painting: Windmills on a Rainy Day 17×8, acrylic on canvas. Perfect addition to any living space or gynecologist examining room. If you Buy Now we will throw in “Oversized Sunflower” for no extra charge. This artist is in high demand & is responsible for such great works as: “Water Lilies” on display at Planned Parenthood, “Victorian Family on Holiday”  can be viewed at Female Services & Clinic and of course “Victorian Family carrying flowers on their way to a windmill”  at the office of Ted Truman, MD. Also each print is signed by the artist: John Doe, Gynecologist Room Painter.

 So next time you are in an examining room take a look and I’m sure you will see their work and hopefully the thought of women looking at the same crappy, stupid painting as you will give you at least a smile, because god knows the huge ass water lily isn’t going to.


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