{ stupid statement saturday }

March 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

On the day of your surgery you will have to literally talk to everybody in the hospital ( I’m not exaggerating I even got to talk to the Maintenance guy). One after one these people will come in to your room and ask a barrage of questions “Do you smoke?”, “When’s the last time you ate?”, “Name of your high school boyfriend?”, “How many fingers am I holding up?”, “Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?’ at one point I could of sworn H&R Block stopped by to make sure my taxes were in order.

Needless to say it became one big blur except for the hospital pharmacist. He seemed like one of those overally friendly people (who was probably just excited to get to leave his basement office and talk to people)  So he asked the normal questions “What medications are you taking?”, “Did you take any this morning?”, “Do you take any vitamins?” , “Ok, I got all I need. ” and then he turns and says this as he walks out the door “Have fun today!”  I look to my boyfriend to make sure I heard him correctly and my boyfriend bowed his head and shook it in acknowledgment.

Did they get my chart wrong instead of hysterectomy am I scheduled to go to the carnival or a petting zoo? So not only did I get to meet every hospital employee but I also got to meet the devil himself, quite a day- “Have Fun!”


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§ 3 Responses to { stupid statement saturday }

  • Brenda says:

    I love your emails, you always give me a good laugh! And it seems like we’re all treated pretty much the same wherever we had our hysterectomy! I am continually amazed at the stupid statements/questions from others…all I can do is drop and shake my head like your boyfriend! Thought I would share one little experience in the hospital…somehow the nursing staff found out that I am a CNA in a nursing home…so when it came time to tell me that I had a catheter, the nurse stopped mid sentence and said “well you know all about catheters and how they work…so just empty it yourself and write on this board your amount of urine” and walked out the door. I thought great, not only am I not at work, I’ve just had to have major surgery and now get to “work” during my recovery! I was also amazed at a much younger co-worker who did not understand what a hysterectomy was. I explained it to her…she looked totally confused and asked what a uterus was…I replied, you have three children, where do you think they grew inside of you? Her reply? My tummy. Wow. All I could do was shake my head and walk away…

  • Classic NYer says:

    “Have fun”? Oh, that’s a riot… but then again, the difference between a flower and a weed is a perspective right?

    Anyhow, hope your surgery went well. Stopping in from last week’s tea party at LBS.

  • March 17th says:

    ‘Have fun ?’ outrageous, I don’t know if pharmacists are know for their sense of humour, I’ve never really stopped to chat with one…. I too am here from Lady Bloggers, I’m not sure how much fun you may or be not be having but very best of luck with it all x

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