{ and you thought your mother-daughter realtionship was messed up }

March 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

It was only yesterday when I was sharing PMS stories with my girlfriends, complaining about cramps & sharing tampons now I find myself sharing stories with my mother. That’s right people I get to go through menopause with my 55-year-old mother (as if my therapist didn’t have enough material to work with)

Me and my mom were at Panera enjoying some Mac & Cheese when my mom asks me “Is it hot in here or is it my hot flashes? Oh no, now you can’t tell either” and starts laughing hysterically, Gee thanks mom. Then she starts listing her symptoms & trying to compare them to mine. I realize at this point that my mom doesn’t realize she is slowly killing me & finds this whole situation perfectly normal. I however do not want to be a 29-year-old experiencing menopause with my mother it feels like a frickin science experiment gone wrong. Soon I will be on the cover of the National Enquirer: Daughter and Mother Experience menopause together & fight over a latin lover (ok so not the latin lover part but they would add some other steamy element to the story)

The straw that broke tha camels back (or on my case the straw that caused extreme lower back pain) is that my mom came by the other day with an article clipping (FYI: my family loves sharing clippings it has become a sickness. Every card, package, Christmas present has a clipping from some periodical hidden within it somewhere.) “Here I clipped this for you It’s a great article about dealing with the symptoms of menopause” Thanks mom, where did you find this one? “My AARP magazine” Sigh, leave it to my mom for having me long for the days of tampons & cramps.


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