{ stupid statement saturday }

March 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

During your stay at the hospital you will meet some wonderful caring people and you will also meet people who really shouldn’t interact with the public at all. I mean if I was a socially awkward human being the point of being a leper perhaps I wouldn’t have chosen a career path that forced me to deal with the public. I have no problem with interacting with “non people” persons on a daily basis but not when I’m going into surgery. If I am going to be in pain & doctors are about to take a trip through my uterus you can muster a smile, dammit.

One of my nurses comes into my room as they were prepping me for surgery & I could tell just by looking at her that she was one step above being locked in the bell tower. She comes at me with this huge needle and says she’s going to put it in my stomach, um I don’t fucking think so Quasimodo. So my lovely boyfriend steps in and starts telling me funny stories about my cat & how when this is all done I’ll get to see her, ok I say I’m ready. So as she was injecting my stomach with a frickin needle she has these comforting words for me “The last time I let my cat alone she managed to escape and was eaten by coyotes.Good luck.”


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