{ the weirdest side effect ever! }

April 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Let’s put aside the fact that I think the universe is trying to kill me: First the hysterectomy didn’t kill me, at times I felt like menopause was killing me but I lived through that, then without missing a beat it was a car accident and now just when I’m starting to not fear leaving my house I was in need of a triple root canal because of an infection.

But like with most things I encounter even a root canal has an element of hilarity. I was prescribed a simple antibiotic which before taking I was reading the list of side effects and thats when I came across the following statement, I shit you not:   Although this effect is uncommon, you may develop a black “hairy” tongue while taking this medication. This effect is harmless and usually goes away.  

Imagine reading that, I mean this might be the one side effect I actually wouldn’t mind getting just to see what a hairy tongue looks like. I wonder if you can shave a tongue? What I wonder is why do all the medications I need have unwanted hair as side effects, what’s next a vitamin that will cause hairy knee caps?


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