{ stupid question Saturday birthday edition }

May 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Your turning the BIG 30” Yep. “So when are you going to get married?” I have no idea, shouldn’t you be bothering my boyfriend I mean he’s the one really holding things up don’t you think? “But he’s younger than you (not too much younger I’m not a menopausal cougar) he has an excuse you on the other hand need to start getting serious” We’ve been together for over 6 years “if your not married it doesn’t count” Who made that rule? Is that the new math. “Laugh all you want but since you aren’t having kids marriage is the last thing you have to look forward to at this age.”

You have heard it hear folks I’m doomed, if I am not married in the next year I will cease to be a valuable part of society. I will be shipped off to the island of unwed 20 year old’s to live out my remaining days in comfort but away from the rest of the people as to not scare the younger children. I will live on to become a cautionary tale “You don’t want to be like Michelle do you? having hot flashes on some island away from society because she wasn’t married” Wait a minute that sounds great, Happy Birthday to me!

Also did you know I have a Facebook page? Check it out and post your story about turning the big 30 or thoughts about my experience. Note if you are my family and want to tell me again how I’m not married, wait what am I saying my family can’t figure out Facebook, I am safe.



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