{ I love you Chipotle, but no i don’t want any salsa }

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

We just got a Chipotle Grill where I live, this is a HUGE deal for this area. It’s probably the equivalent of the Royal Wedding in Britain (ok not that huge but still a cause for celebration) Why is this so exciting because it means we have a healthy fast food restaurant in our area and I no longer have to convince myself that McDonalds is indeed a healthy choice because they have “apples” in their pie.

I don’t love Chipotle Grill, I LOVE Chipotle Grill! I have been secretly dating Chipotle on the side since it opened it’s doors. I have fantasies about the food when I look at my boyfriend all I see is a giant burrito. Why do I love it so much? Many reasons: 1) The food is all organic and they use fresh ingredients 2) They only have 4 choices & for ordering with my boyfriend that is a gift from the heavens (he once spent 20 minutes just looking at the drink menu at the Cheesecake Factory-after all that he orders a Pepsi) 3) You get to pick and choose what they put on your burrito. I have been compared to Meg Ryan’s character in “When Harry Met Sally” when I order food, I just hate when you can exclude an item you don’t want. And finally and the most important reason Chipotle Grill is amazing is the fact that there is no charge for an extra side of sour cream-Viva La Chipotle.

Before I continue let me tell you that because of my recent medical setback I had to be off my estrogen for 3 weeks throwing me back into full-blown menopause. So I tend to be a little on edge & a bit hormonal. Today was a rough day but no worries Chipotle will make it all better, but what’s this, a new guy on the line. I start to order “A burrito, fajita style, shredded beef, sour cream, cheese and that’s it” and the new guy looks at me from his spoonful of salsa and asks What kind of salsa? “No salsa, thank you” You have to have salsa “No I don’t think I do. That’s why I come here, that’s why i dream of this place you don’t need to have anything you don’t want” C’mon you must want some salsa (At this point I’m thinking dude what is it with you and the salsa. Why don’t you take my salsa and save it for latter since you are such a fan) Well I have to ask my boss. “Seriously” So I see him walk over to the boss, an adorable pink haired girl who I overhear saying “How many times do I have to tell you they don’t need salsa, Ted. Just wrap the burrito. This instance makes me love them even more. So perhaps the cure for a menopause relapse  is not estrogen but having a giant burrito with unlimited sour cream and a pissed off boss who has to deal with Ted for the next 5 hours.


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