{ stupid question saturday }

May 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

As you might have read I recently turned 30 and I have gotten a lot of positive stories but also a lot of pity looks some like you would see when someone has just told you their parent is in the hospital, some expected and some totally unexpected. None as unexpected as the last conversation with my pharmacist, that’s right my pharmacist.

On my monthly sometimes weekly trip to the pharmacy to pick up my sack full of medicine (seriously if you looked in my bag you would think I’m selling narcotics, but then you would see my car and bank statements & that would quickly change your mind). I go up to the woman and tell her my address and birth date . “Oh it looks like someone just had a birthday” Yep last Thursday “Well happy belated birthday(Big Smile), Oh 30 huh(Smile Gone)” (I hate people that can calculate that shit in their heads) U huh ” I remember my 30th my little sister tortured me about it for a whole month, she kept sending me over the hill cards. It was a really tough birthday” so i said I feel the same way, why do you think I’m on so many meds. She stopped gave me a blank, horrified look.”Seriously? Do you need to see our pharmacy counselor?”



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  • I was told there would be no math says:

    You should have said “Yes…I’m so depressed I’ll be finishing these prescriptions this evening” and then skittered away..HA!

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