{ weathering heights }

February 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of my biggest pet peeves is random people that start discussing the weather with you. Because I live in the snowy tundra this is one of the favorite topics of most conversations(because quite frankly there isn’t much else). I never have cared about the weather, thought about the weather or cared to discuss the weather. The weather report boggles my mind, why are people waiting 15 minutes into their local news to see what it’s doing outside? One look out your window you pretty much can figure it out. Where am I going with this rant? Well no where really I just happen to be overly hormonal & I thought I would share my interaction with you today. ( Please keep in mind they are working to get my hormone levels back in check )

Me and my boyfriend were cashing out at the supermarket ( you would think the combination of Oreo’s, Half Baked Ice Cream and Captain Crunch would have tipped her off to leave the nice hormonal lady alone, but no ) and our cashier says the typical “Find everything ok?” Yes thank you. “Is it still snowing out there?” Umm yes a little bit. “It was freezing & windy this morning. It’s supposed to snow for the next two days.” Oh really, well it is February. “I hate the snow it sucks that it’s so cold all the time. I can’t wait till I get done with school and can move somewhere warm” Well yes that would nice. “But you really shouldn’t complain I mean it’s been a pretty tame winter.” I just smile & grab my groceries and give Ben the look of death. We get in the car and he takes a deep breathe, he knows whats about to come and is bracing himself.

“I shouldn’t complain. I shouldn’t complain! I didn’t complain, I didn’t say anything. She was the one going on and on about the snow. I wouldn’t care if it started raining frogs outside! I mean it’s snow for god sake, not a really new thing. Am I right?” (Ben is frozen by fear but has become a master at dealing with these hormonal blow ups. He keeps his movements slow and doesn’t make eye contact. He also agrees with everything I say. I literally could say that I was Batman and he would smile & nod.) “We live in Erie, maybe if we lived in Hawaii then I would talk about the snow but it happens every year at, SURPRISE, the same time of year. But I shouldn’t complain about the snow.” So how do you talk a hormonal woman off her crazy ledge you slowly hand her an Oreo and walk away.


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