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So far on this blog I’ve done all the talking but I really want to hear from you! So what I’m going to do is every Monday answer a question posed to me by YOU. These can range anywhere from health, hormones or to about this blog or about me (Just remember I have no medical degree & am purely just ONE menopausal woman-so don’t take my answers as fact) Interested, of course you are! Just post your questions HERE. If you don’t want your information (name,etc) published just let me know. I will answer one question each Monday starting this week so get writing.

Look forward to hearing from you, Michelle


§ 5 Responses to { ask me }

  • Piebird says:

    Hi Little Toad,
    not a question, just a thank you for blogging. you’re a brave heart!


  • Anonymous says:

    I read, Easter in the Er from May 2011. I went to the ER May 2012 for heart palpitations an am wanting to read your continuation. Was there one? How do I find it?

  • littletoad1 says:

    Unfortunaetly I have let myself get a little behind in my writing but when it is up I will let you know. In the eman time if you have any specfic questions I would love to answer them and hope you a speedy road to well being!

  • Anonymous says:

    After an EKG determined I wasn’t having a heart attack, the ER doctor suggested it was “other drugs in my system” – implying I was a drug addict? I thought addicts were thin?? Then he suggested I see my psychiatrist. Don’t have one of those either. Then I researched on the internet some menopause symptoms – which listed heart palpitations! I’m not crazy.

    I love this blog. I love how its written. It reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Sophia Kinsella.

  • Jeri Jo says:

    My sister just sent me the link for Duct tape and the D cup ~ hysterical! You are so fun! Then of course, I had to click on previous posts…laughing out loud. Love your site! :O) Looked and ‘favorited’ your Etsy shop too….I have one also; AuntJJsAttic.Etsy.com 🙂

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