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February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

There is nothing quite like starting off your week with having to schedule 4 different appointments at 4 different locations, which means talking to 4 different offices. I always try and give the people that answer the phones at these places the benefit of the doubt because god only knows what they have to encounter in a day but when they say the following it makes it really hard:

I would like to schedule a sonogram. “For what?” My thyroid (more posts on this later.) A Big Huff. “Well did a doctor order this or do just want to come in?” (Yes you heard that right do I just want to come in?) “Because you have to have a doctor order the test and I don’t have any papers in front of me.” Ok. But I have slip saying I need to make an appointment with you for this test by my doctor. “Well how do I know you aren’t just saying that?” (Let’s take a minute and ponder this. Who in there right mind would make up a test just so they can go and have an uncomfortable procedure on their neck. Did I miss something, are there actually groups of people that hard up on ideas of what to do on a Friday night? Geee “Hello Imaging Center.” Yes instead of dinner let’s sneak into an Imaging Center get unneeded tests & instead of tipping a waiter pay a huge ass deductible, Yes a perfect date night.)


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